Up Your Email Marketing Game Like a Boss!

OptinDojo shows you which traffic sources are responsible for your frontend and email sales, without the need for a complicated setup.

You can then stop spending money on the bad sources and get more leads from the good ones.

In Summary, With OptinDojo:

  • You can find which traffic sources send you responsive leads (email openers, clickers and buyers)
  • Got sales from an email? Know which traffic sources sent you those converting leads
  • See how many days of emailing it takes to break even, for each of your traffic sources
  • Integrates with your autoresponders to automatically tag buyer leads or move them to a separate list.
    Build a buyers list even if you’re just an affiliate.

Today, I want to tell you about an exciting new way to build a responsive and profitable email list fast.

It’s a new software called OptinDojo, and if you want leads who actually open your emails, click your email links, and buy what you are promoting (for a change), then this is for you.

What’s great about OptinDojo is that it shows you exactly where your best leads are coming from – so you can focus your efforts on getting more leads from those places and stop losing time and money on the other ones.

This lets you generate a gazillion more email clicks to your affiliate links without having to put more leads into your list!

In other words it saves you a ton of money while giving you better results, faster.

Here’s a short explanation on why it’s working so well:

As you could see from the video, there was no way, until now, to know if you were putting responsive or dead leads into your list. 

And where the responsive leads were coming from…

With OptinDojo, this is super simple.

First, you setup your funnel…

…which is basically just entering the URL of your optin page(s), the URL of your bridge page(s) if you use any, and the URL of your affiliate (or own) offers.

This takes less than 1 minute and looks like this:

Then, you connect your autoresponder by following some easy steps (we now support 28 autoresponders, but if yours is not in the list, let us know, we can add it super quickly)

And that’s all!

Your funnel is all setup… 🎉🎉🎉

Now, whenever you want to send traffic to this funnel, you just have to create a new tracking link, like this:

And here’s where the fun begins…

After you have received traffic from different sources, you can start comparing the quality of the leads they’re sending you – and decide if you should continue getting traffic from them… or not.

I’ll show you two examples from my own stats below.

Before I do, let me tell you that we will be looking at 3 specific metrics:

  • CPO: Cost Per Optin, which is how much we pay to acquire one lead
  • ECR: Email Clickers Rate, which is the percentage of leads clicking our email links.
  • CPEC: Cost Per Email Clicker, which is how much we pay to acquire one lead who actually clicks our email links!

In case you’re wondering if you’ll be lost when using OptinDojo with such acronyms, fear not as we’ve got your back.

Just hover your mouse over any of them, and you’ll instantly see their meanings.

Back to the two examples, taken from my own stats…

I purchased solo ads from two different vendors, and sent their traffic to one of my funnels.

The first vendor gave me a CPO (cost per optin) of almost $1.
The 2nd vendor gave me a CPO of $0.78.

Based on this metric, which is what most people are looking at, I should continue buying from vendor 2 instead of vendor 1, so I can build a bigger list, at a cheaper price.

Let’s now look at the ECR, which is the percentage of leads actually clicking links in my emails…

Now, it’s a totally different story.

The ECR metric is not available anywhere else – it’s an exclusive metric from OptinDojo.

And OptinDojo tells me that 22.7% of the leads coming from vendor 1 are clicking my email links…

While only 1% of the leads coming from vendor 2 are clicking my email links!

Let’s see how this translates in terms of cost…


I pay the first vendor $4.32 to acquire one engaged lead, while I pay the second one a whopping $80 to acquire one single engaged lead.

That’s brutal.

Even though my CPO (cost per optin) is lower for vendor 2, it makes no sense to buy from him, as his leads are totally unresponsive.

Without OptinDojo and these metrics, I would have no clue.

I would probably still be buying from vendor 2, especially since I got 1 random sale from his traffic on the frontend funnel (and not any single additional sale from the email follow-ups obviously).

Want to see something even more shocking?

Here is the exact reason most people are failing with email marketing
(and how OptinDojo fixes it for good)


Billy Montes, one of our happy customers, saved money and built a better email list immediately after he started using OptinDojo.

Watch as he shows us his stats and compares the traffic from 2 traffic sources he has been buying from.

Guess which one he’s going to keep? 🙂

It’s Your Turn To Become an Email Marketing Ninja

If you want to save time and money, 15x your email clicks or more and build a highly responsive list without increasing your ad budget, then I’d love to see you using OptinDojo.

Right below, you will see a table with different pricing options. Pick the one that suits your needs, create your account and stay ahead of the pack!

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1-year data retention
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Didn’t read? Too long? Here’s the summary!

With OptinDojo, you can find which traffic sources send you buyer leads. Even if your leads buy after many days, weeks, months or even years from any of your emails – you will always know where those buyer leads came from.

You will also know how long it takes for all your traffic sources to bring you to break-even point and beyond.

You can also do some ninja stuff, like tagging any lead that has bought something from you, right in your autoresponder!

Or moving your buyer leads to different email lists automatically.

For the first time in history, you can easily build a buyers list even if you’re just an affiliate.